Saturday, January 25, 2014

Change up + Sky Island Publishing

Dig the change? Yay? Nay?
It's still a work in progress... I just wanted to make some logos. After all, Photoshop + video game soundtracks is one of my favorite pastimes.

Incorporated in that new background are five of the Seven Pinnacles of Creation - the Sky Islands, the Peak, the Suntree, the Forevergreen Forest and the Great Beast. I left out the First Sea and the Eternal Night... Partly because they'd be hard to sum up in 250x250 pixels. Also because it was 1am and I had to be at work at 8am this morning.

in case you're curious

I'd grown tired of the white text on black backdrop. It really does play hell on the eyes. A revamp of Silexare is in the works, too. It's even worse.

But also I have two new websites to design and build. On January 13th I secured a couple of URLs (which I'll mention once they're live). One will be for Sky Island Publishing, LLC (which, as of the 22nd is officially a thing! Aaaagh!!!!!!)
excuse the watermark, it seemed the thing to do

The other will be the Silexare Compendium (to replace what was here), housing details and artwork for the world of Silexare. Basically, since I have several stories in mind for Silexare, I'd like there to be a sort of central location or hub for knowledge, moderated by someone who truly knows. I'd call it an 'enrichment' if I didn't know the foul truth... and that is I need a compendium because I'm garbage at remembering what I've told you and what I haven't.

I think what excites me the most about all of this is that under my own supervision, I can release books and stories and details as soon as they're ready, not on some NY corporation's schedule... Not under their moderation "in case I'm about to release something embarrassing"... Not to "best saturate the market in a time of ripeness based on the trends of..."
Ok, I have no idea what I'm talking about.
But I want to release no less than one book a year.

The next time I write you I'm going to add some of the latest from Mr. Tracy E Flynn (who, in case you didn't know, is illustrating A Sawmill's Hope).

Until next time

Enough about me. What's got you excited these days? If you care to tell me I'd love to listen.