Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Until 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy (early) New Year!

The Kickstarter for A Sawmill's Hope succeeded. And it was close!

This means several things... First, I'm about to be very busy, which is good. Second, I owe everyone who shared and pledged and prayed and spread the word and supported and encouraged a huge Thank you.

For anyone considering Kickstarter or some other crowd sourcing endeavor, let me tell you what to expect if yours goes like mine did -

Expect a month's worth of anxious helplessness despite relentless effort, punctuated with small bursts of manic joy but smothered under a looming, suffocating sense of impending doom. Your self worth will take a beating. Next will come a single day of mounting tension and excitement, capped off with shrieks of elation and hollered gibberish. To counter this storm of emotion, you'll want to procure whatever celebratory articles best suit you and step onto your back porch for some peaceful introspection.
 And no, it doesn't matter that it's Monday night, Christmas Eve-eve, and your spouse is already in bed because (s)he has to work at 8 am. Enjoy your success right this moment. Because when you wake up the next day, reality will be standing beside your bed, staring you in the face.
Dozens of people expect something no less than totally excellent from you. And after all the promises you made and pretty illustrations and videos, you damn well better deliver.

So here goes.

By the way... thanks, guys. Stays safe during the holidays.