Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Two hundred and thirty dollars from now...

...I'll post the next "easter egg" in the Updates section of the Kickstarter.

The pledgers have heard some things about Berdes and Lunglow.

This one will be about the Sky Island nation of Suvinor... How it matters to Darke's friend Brandal in A Sawmill's Hope. How it matters to the future of Silexare in the real world.

I don't mind telling you secrets. But you must pledge to be privy. You have to be (as Tex put it in her comment below this post) "smart and shrewd and slick enough to join the Silexare army."

So if, let's just say, five people were to visit the Kickstarter and claim the Silver Sampler package as their own, the Silexare army would grow irreversibly wiser.