Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Enriching the Kickstarter

Oh my gosh, please shut up about the Kickstarter!

I know, right? I promise I will. Not. I'm sorry. And I just turned your words into a link to the project.

So, in the spirit of distracting myself from the ticking clock, eternally slashing down the seconds between this moment and 8:00 pm Eastern time December 23rd 2013, AND in the spirit of letting my pledgers know I care, I've decided to offer 10 (ten) secrets of A Sawmill's Hope throughout the duration of the Kickstarter. The secrets will come in the form of "making of" factoids or just Silexare lore.

David, I want to help. But I only have a dollar.

That will help. This particular Kickstarter is fueled by dollars! And then you'll be privy to the lore!

For every 10% mark we hit (10,20,30... you get it), I'll post another secret, exclusive to the eyes of the Silexare army. And since we're at 25% as of this moment, two have already been posted (just last night... in fact, they're still warm).

A teaser of the first two -

1. Etymology and a bit of inspiration of Darke's hometown, Berdes.

2. Negative side effects of Moonstone mining.

More to come -

Etymology of the Trevet River.

Origin and etymology of Old man Hastr, Lesovik the Unwithering, Rusalka, Castoroccs, Spirits of the Pines - Setuar, Wretched Mers, Vedorant Goblins... 

Origin and inspiration of Seltys - the alchemist, Recher of Andyr...

Dude, those words all sound really cool but I want to see pictures of them.

As do I, dear one. Thus the Kickstarter. Go have a look.