Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Enriching the Kickstarter

Oh my gosh, please shut up about the Kickstarter!

I know, right? I promise I will. Not. I'm sorry. And I just turned your words into a link to the project.

So, in the spirit of distracting myself from the ticking clock, eternally slashing down the seconds between this moment and 8:00 pm Eastern time December 23rd 2013, AND in the spirit of letting my pledgers know I care, I've decided to offer 10 (ten) secrets of A Sawmill's Hope throughout the duration of the Kickstarter. The secrets will come in the form of "making of" factoids or just Silexare lore.

David, I want to help. But I only have a dollar.

That will help. This particular Kickstarter is fueled by dollars! And then you'll be privy to the lore!

For every 10% mark we hit (10,20,30... you get it), I'll post another secret, exclusive to the eyes of the Silexare army. And since we're at 25% as of this moment, two have already been posted (just last night... in fact, they're still warm).

A teaser of the first two -

1. Etymology and a bit of inspiration of Darke's hometown, Berdes.

2. Negative side effects of Moonstone mining.

More to come -

Etymology of the Trevet River.

Origin and etymology of Old man Hastr, Lesovik the Unwithering, Rusalka, Castoroccs, Spirits of the Pines - Setuar, Wretched Mers, Vedorant Goblins... 

Origin and inspiration of Seltys - the alchemist, Recher of Andyr...

Dude, those words all sound really cool but I want to see pictures of them.

As do I, dear one. Thus the Kickstarter. Go have a look.


  1. I'm a backer -- I've made the group into David's Dozen! (I even got in before your eater-egg reveal, lol!)

    As I said in my comments -- I would love to be able to give more, but the budget, especially right before Christmas, is unfortunately very tight. Still I 100% back this project (in spirit if not in finances), and I really hope the project meets it's goal!!!!

  2. Twenty-five percent? You're doing good! Remember, that last of it will come in the final days.

  3. Chris, you gave more than 99% of the world's population. You've done more than enough, especially considering your 'water eater' situation! Thanks for supporting

    Alex, that is welcome news indeed. Thank you!

  4. Rooting for you David!! I'll tweet the link out. Keep chugging full steam ahead!!!

  5. Thanks Carrie!

    Pk, thanks for coming by and spreading the word!

  6. Y'know, dude, we as an entrepreneurial subspecies seem to have developed this horrific allergy to self-promotion. I'm not an expert, but I THINK this might be because, like... growing up, y'know, if you did something awesome, it would be announced on your behalf. The teacher would read your paper to the class. Mom & dad would put your drawing on the fridge. The results for the basketball tryouts and the school play would be posted, so everyone would see your name and know your glory. And even if you did sell band candy or magazine subscriptions or something, you were trying to convince people to buy a commercial THING, and not, like, the extruded artisanal endproduct of your own soul.

    So I guess what I'm saying is, I totally, TOTALLY get how pimping this thing makes you cringe. Nothing in our upbringing prepared us to do this what you are doing now.


    Every person who sees this new post on their blog reader, sees it because we put it there. Because we were all like, "damn, that David guy - I like the cut of his jib. What's this Silexare thing?" (I mean, it's not like we didn't know what we were getting into - it's RIGHT THERE in your blog title! Do you get mad when you join the ThinkGeek mailing list and then they start telling you about their sweetawesome new swag? Am I gonna join the Dallas Cowboys fan club and then get pissed when they keep talking about the team?)

    So basically... you're awesome, your project is awesome, and your book's gonna be awesome no matter what. But you gotta quit thinking of yourself as if you were accosting strangers on the street-corner and waving pamphlets in their faces. This is the ONLY SITE on the ENTIRE INTERNET where I can go to get Silexare news - and if your blog title says "Enriching the Kickstarter" and I click on it, that is because I want you to tell me how you are enriching the DAYLIGHTS out of that kickstarter, AND (this is hard, but try!) I want you to make me feel like the coolest kid on the frigging block for being smart and shrewd and slick enough to join the Silexare army.

    Also, while I'm wanting: I want you to be ready to repeat all of this back to me in about two months, because I am going to fail at this very same thing SO unbelievably hard when it's my turn to flog the novel. All my feels, buddy. All of them.

    1. Hahahaha Tex, you have called me out.

      "Owning" all of this is coming to me one step at a time. Maybe it's humility. Maybe it's insecurity. Maybe it's me thinking I'm the only person who'll give a shit because I'm the only person who's ever given one up until this point...

      When I was first composing music on the MTV Music Generator, I did it for hours, day and night and there was no means to share it with anyone except visitors to my house. So, years later when I dug up some old cassette tapes of songs of mine I'd recorded, I'd be super touchy about anyone voicing their opinion on it. Whether they liked it or not, I'd just be an emotional, defensive wreck.

      I'd like to think I've come a long way since then. I post music on websites where strangers can rate it and say whatever crosses their minds. I post excerpts of my work all over the place.

      But maybe I still have a ways to go before I'm one hundred percent sure of what I have to offer. Of course I believe in it. I've been at this for years. And years. And the ideas of mine that I can't get behind get curb stomped and run over by bigger, better ideas. But there's still a skeptic in me who is convinced Silexare is not worthy of anyone else's time. Afterall, how could it be? It came from my imagination, and that spills over everyday... surely I haven't been holding something so valuable for this long and I've never known it...