Wednesday, October 2, 2013

IWSG Oct 2013

IWSG, brainchild of mister Alex J. Cavanaugh (click his name for deets), occurs once a month and exists for writers like me to voice their fears and concerns.
And now, brand new to the interwebs, the official site of the IWSG!!!
Stop by, join up, introduce yourself! I know most of the peeps responsible for the site and I expect good things for us writers!
Although the official unveiling just occurred, the site already has tons of links and resources for writers. Well done, Alex, J.L., Susan, Joylene, Michelle, L.Dianne, and Lynda!

This is a hard month for me as far as IWSG goes. I'm not feeling insecure at the moment.

My first book is done. And by that I mean it's 99.7% as far as I'll ever get it until some editor or test reader suggests changes.

So it's finally time to stop stalling and embrace project # 2 wholeheartedly. I'm feeling excited about it. The only issue I foresee is that my writing time recently took a hit. Time I used to spend writing, I'm now either working or keeping the boy Simon.

I'll need to re-establish a writing work ethic once more. It shouldn't be too hard. Once I fall into the pattern, distractions fall away quickly. I may end up with only half an hour a day to write but that's better than nothing. It just means it will take a little longer to finish projects.

Do you have distractions you must tear away like a band-aid that's overstayed its welcome? Are there set times you write or does it occur in larger sections, less frequently?