Wednesday, September 4, 2013

IWSG September 4th

IWSG, brainchild of mister Alex J. Cavanaugh (click his name for deets), occurs once a month and exists for writers like me to voice their fears and concerns...
I've taken the opportunity to whine instead.

My book is boring. I've read it a million times. And it's too simple. There are less than 20 relevant characters and they're all stupid. Thank God, I'm almost done messing with this book forever.

But my next book needs tons of characters. I have to invent an entire religion and a magic system and a government. I have to culminate a logically founded hatred between two nations that eventually breaks into outright war. I have to invent at least three unique races of creatures (not including random questing beasts) that could function in the world...or at least in Silexare. I have to write three romantic relationships - two of which being love triangles.

I've jumped off the deep end with this book. I'm bound to fail. It's going to be a huge train wreck. It'll never sell and I'll be stuck working here forever.

But at least I came up with a post for IWSG  :)