Thursday, July 11, 2013

WRiTE Club 2013!!!

Once again, WRiTE Club is going on over at Cruising Altitude 2.0!

Basically it's a short story contest, with randomly selected entries brawling on Monday and Thursday for your viewing pleasure!

The difference from this year and last is that all entries were filtered through a series of experts who narrowed them down to a mere 32.  This means the contest will be far shorter and the entries you read will have met a certain professional standard.

Feel free to head that way and read some amateur fiction!  If you want to vote, you'll need to sign up first (just look for the sign up link below the other voters).  If not, I'm sure the writers would appreciate whatever constructive criticism you have to offer.  I'm trying hard to curb the snark and keep it as constructive as possible... I may have failed at that last year.

I look forward to seeing you there!