Saturday, June 8, 2013

Excuses.... and promises of things to come

I've slacked!!!
I'm sorry.  I missed DL Hammon's WIP it blog! (which I signed up for)
I missed contributing and participating in this month's IWSP! (which I've also signed up for)
And I missed my own 'Finding Friday' post!  (of which there are but two lonely installments!)

In my defense - and I hate making excuses! - My wife, Simon and I are on vacation on the other side of the country.  In case you weren't aware, our home is deep in the woods of northeast Georgia, in a NORMAL time zone.  Well I'm writing you now from the Sacramento Valley of northern Cali, cradled beneath the golden foothills of the Klamath and Sierra Nevada Mountains. 

And so my schedule and our days have been anything but routine.  But I'm going to get back in the swing soon and come see what I've missed 'round the sphere and hopefully give you guys some pictures to look at... hopefully in the form of another installment of The Refresh Button.  (I am on vacation until then... as much vacation as one can be on with a two year old three hours off his schedule!)

See you soon.