Friday, May 3, 2013

A to Z Recap.

In the month of April:

My followers (google friends) increased 6% in size.

My total page views increased 60% in size.

I met dozens of bloggers that I will continue to follow and learn from and share with. (My memory is far too unreliable to try and name all of you!)

My compendium of Silexare gained 29 new definitions and finalized 12, for a total of 173 total entries.

But I think I gained something greater than any of those numbers.  The entire reason I started this blog - and the reason for its title - was to give life to Silexare, which is the world where a good bit of my stories will take place.

If all of's servers were to crash today and I lose every post I've ever written, I'd still have the knowledge that I have the time to write every single day. No matter what.  And I have a relatively small following!  Those of you with followers in the hundreds and comments by the dozens are spread even thinner than me and yet you still have time to eat and function!  (very presumptuous on my part, I realize)

My point is that I need to stop making excuses all the time.  I treated the A to Z like a job, every day.  That's how I need to treat my writing if I ever expect anything to come of it.

I want to thank each of you who visited and especially all who commented.  I've enjoyed following you through the challenge and I've bookmarked many of your pages to which I plan to return.

After being exposed to tons of successful blogs over the course of April, I've decided to TRY to introduce some kind of standard to my blog and give you something consistent at least once weekly.  We'll see how it goes.

Again, thanks for coming and it was great to meet you all.