Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8th - G


Golden Axe (1989 Sega)- Side scrolling, multiplayer, dragon axing, magic blasting, 16-bit awesomeness!  I mean, look at the cover!  That guy IS the beast master!  And that chick invented yoga!  And that dwarf is contemplating knee replacement.  It was because of this game that I originally bought a Sega Genesis.  I have the soundtrack... But it hasn't withstood the test of time as some do.

Special Mentions: Gradius III - Great side-scrolling space shooter.  Still fun to play.
Guitar Hero - This game and all its offshoots are fun with friends... But if you have enough spare time to master the expert setting, then you clearly have the timing and hand-eye coordination to LEARN TO PLAY A REAL GUITAR. </soapbox>


Green Day - One of my biggest influences.  I learned to play guitar listening to their music.  I've seen them in concert once (in 1998 I think).  My band actually covers several Green Day songs, my favorite being She. What can I say? It was made for bass guitar.

Special Mentions: Gravity Kills, Garbage - Because I'm happy when it rains, Gotye - If you haven't heard of them, you should check these guys out.