Saturday, April 6, 2013

April 6 - F!!

Nintendo 1990

F-Zero (Nintendo, 1990) - One of the first racing games I ever played.  Also one of the first Super Nintendo games I ever played.  This game has aged well and I can still enjoy it to this day, which is odd considering I don't even really like racing games!  It's just a fun game with a good mixture of playability and challenge.  I have the soundtrack and I'm dangerous if it shuffles up while I'm driving.

Special Mentions: Final Fantasy - I'm not their biggest fan, but VI and VII are two of my favorite games and soundtracks of all time.


Faith No More - My sister introduced me to them.  She could play the ending of Epic on the piano... Except when she finished and stood up to walk away, the piano [SPOILER] didn't explode like on the music video.  If I were a fighter in the UFC, this might be the song that would play as I walk out.  As much as I love it, listening to it now, I can tell it came out in 1990. :) 

Special Mentions: Franz Ferdinand - They had a good song!  Foo Fighters - Dave Grohl is an inspiration.  We cover some of their music.