Friday, April 5, 2013

April 5 - E

I apologize for the late post!


Eternal Sonata - 2007 Namco Bandai Games
Eternal Sonata (Namco Bandai 2007) - It's not retro or even that old, but among Japanese RPGs, it's pretty fantastic.  The entire story takes place inside Francis Chopin's final dream as he lies on his death bed.  It's not entirely based on his life or music but features many of his compositions and interjects his story during chapter breaks.  Each new area is more colorful and beautifully designed than the last.  The game play manages to take JRPG style combat and present it in an exciting way.  If I had to change anything, it would be the cut scenes.  Far too many, far too often, too much empty space between dialogue and lots of the dialogue is infuriatingly juvenile.
Clearly I own (and frequently listen to) this game's soundtrack.  It's one of my favorite to listen to while writing.  Especially this song.  I'm coming up to the part in my current story where the army of Fohrvylda (think Norway) tries to invade Ausgan (think Hawaii) riding killer whales and war galleons.  I can think of no greater song for this occasion.

Special Mentions: Elder Scrolls (IV-VI), Ecco the Dolphin, E.V.O.


Lots of E bands come to mind!

Eve 6 - My band covers a few of their songs... Namely Inside Out.  Stupendously fun to rock out.
Everlast - Remember them?  No?  I'm not surprised.  I saw them at the 40 Watt in Athens, GA in my wilder days.  I won't go into detail but I'm shocked that I made it home alive that night.  Still not entirely sure where the huge Newport poster came from that I found in my backseat the next day.
My band covers this song.
Everclear - Love these guys.  We play a couple of their songs too.

Special Mentions: Evanescence


  1. I never played the game you featured today, but I did spend many hours with Elder Scrolls.
    What's the name of your band? And I think you were the one that asked if I played guitar. I do and I play in our band at church.

  2. One of the things that interests me to eventually explore Hawaiian culture is the effects of its volcanoes, which demonstrably created all its islands. So it's neat that there's a parallel here.

  3. Alex, I just noticed I talk about the band all the time and I have no link to it or anything! Band's name is Something Once Sacred. I'm the bassist. Here's a link
    I actually started guitar in a Christian band, then played bass in a praise and worship team, and now play bass w/ the fellows in SoS.
    I love me some Elder Scrolls!

    Tony, the tropical, volcanic backdrop is a huge factor for the backstory of Ausgan and the lifestyle of its people. This is why their preferred method of sacrifice is lava pools and all surnames come from the names of stones; Feldspar, Limestone, Breccia, Basalt, Flint... (I realize not all these are igneous)
    I'm not aware of any fantasy novels taking place in a tropical setting... Why not???

  4. I used to listen to Everclear continuously, but not so much anymore.

  5. Erudition is a cool name for a city.

    Interesting point above on fantasy not being set in a tropical place. That's a good question, and one I want to think about. Is it becausethe tropics aren't gritty enough? Does there need to be an element of darkness? No idea.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

    1. DL, I hear ya. Most bands I'm mentioning are of my past.. I currently listen to soundtracks almost exclusively.

      Shannon, if I had to wager a guess, I'd say it has to do with two things: The fantasy genre spent a lot of its youth in a European setting (notably Tolkein) and I think lots of authors find it easier or more acceptable to go with what's been done (no offense to those guys), based on a decent amount of research, not much epic mythology comes from tropical locales.
      Maybe grittiness does play a factor... It's hard to give a crap about Sauron or Balrogs if your chilling on a beach with a jug o' rum!

  6. All 4 of the bands you listed are on my playlists. I get to impress my kids with Inside Out, they are always amazed that I can sing along with the chorus.

    1. They're good bands indeed. We just played that song last night.