Friday, April 26, 2013

April 26 - W


Too Many!! Let's just do a flyby shall we?

Special Mentions: 
Warcraft - Collect resources, scout the borders, expand and conquer.  I love this kind of game... but as I've mentioned earlier in April, I prefer to play it casually, not competitively
Wario Land - The Gameboy followup to Super Mario Land.  These were fun to play
Warriors of Might and Magic - The only thing I remember about this game is that it had a song I loved.  I have searched for the song ever since playing the game but can't find it :(
Who Framed Roger Rabbit - This was a fun and yet frustrating game from way way back
Wild Arms - I only played the first in this franchise.  It was great and has a great soundtrack
Wing Commander - This 3D space shooter had great cutscenes for its time and was just fun to play
Wolfenstein 3D - One of my first experiences with first person shooters!
Wizards and Warriors - I list this because I hated it so much.  Frustrating game play all about jumping on unlikely ledges, horrible art, a laughable main character, unattractive stats listed across the screen... Blech.
World of Warcraft - I bought this game, played it for a couple of days, and turned it off.  Some people aren't so lucky.


Weezer - This was my favorite band in the late nineties...  at least for one album.  The blue album released in 1994 was my favorite album of the time and I would sing along with - and try to play on guitar - every song on the CD.  For some reason, that was the first and last album of theirs I really cared for. 

Special Mentions: White Snake, White Zombie, The Who, Walk off the Earth