Friday, April 19, 2013

April 19 - Q

It's rainy today and Q is a dull letter indeed.


Quest for Glory (Sierra)- I'm showing my age here, but the act of installing and playing Quest for Glory I Remake (1991) on the PC is what started my interest in computers, back before home internet of even user interfaces... Before computers mattered.  These were awesome games.  Their graphics blew away the NES,  but my computer lagged like crazy and since I had no sound card, it was all bleeps and bloops.
I've turned this game on again since then to find that, unlike Mario and Mega Man, it hasn't aged well.  I'd say its modern equivalent is along the lines of Skyrm.  But at the time, it was revolutionary; building a hero, one stat at a time and seeing him come to life.
Quest for Glory games were greatly instrumental in my love for fantasy.

Special Mentions: Q-bert

Queen - Their music is just fun. Every rock fan (or Wayne's World fan) knows this one.  Their genre of music has never been my favorite but there's no denying Queen's rock abilities.  Many great songs came from them.

Special Mentions: Queens of the Stone Age

Let's meet again on a better day than Q, shall we?