Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15 - M

I promise this is the last long post for a while!
I just have a lot on M!


Mega Man (Capcom, 1987 - Today) - One of the longest running series of video games, this franchise, along with Castlevania and Zelda are in my top 5 of all video games.  Yet another side-scroller (I'm noticing a trend), every game is marked by the ability to choose a level (each having it's own distinct setting and enemies), conquer it and its boss, and take his power as your own.  They're filled with hidden power ups, colorful levels, excellent music and hand-cramping action. While some games are swept under the carpet where they belong as modern gaming proceeds toward grittiness and realism, this series withstands.  It has aged like scotch or wine or ... other stuff that supposedly ages well.  Definitely a series worth checking out.  And yes, I gots the soundtracks.

*If any of you are wondering why I'm still going on about retro games and acting like it's feasible that you obtain a 20 year old console, comment me below.  All those old games are more available to you than you might think.*

Special Mentions: Metal Gear Solid - Prequel to the Clancy games as far as I'm concerned.
Mortal Kombat - Don't just mumble it... MORTAL KOMBAT!!
Megaman Legends

Muse - I love this band.  A friend of mine introduced me about eight years ago.  They were a band that could do no wrong as far as I was concerned.  I loved all their songs.  Their bassist gets down!  My wife and I saw them play with My Chemical Romance in the Gwinnett Center.  (We left before My Chemical Blowmance started.)
Time has passed and my tastes changed. I haven't heard their latest album but I've heard mixed reviews.  This is one of my favorite songs of theirs... partly because my little brother and my son loved it and would ask me to play it every time we got in the car.  I honestly don't care what it's about (and the video is a big pile of donkey dump, in my humble).  Call me strange but I only catch the occasional lyrics of songs.  Ex. Don't waste your time or Time will waste you.  I prefer to ride the emotions that the music draws out of me.  At about four minutes fifteen seconds of this song, tell me you aren't head banging.
Oh really?

Special Mentions: Maylene and the Sons of Disaster - Opened up for these guys in a previous band, Mudvayne, Misfits, Metallica - Last mention but not least by far.


  1. I remember Mega Man. So many of the old games are available for the new platforms and often bundled really cheap.

  2. I've heard of Muse but don't believe I know any of their songs.

  3. Alex, very true.

    Diane, absolutely worth checking out!

    Tony, YEA!! I bet there's a drinking game associated with how many times that song says Mortal Kombat!

  4. Love and miss Mega Man. Nice post.

  5. Muse is yet another band I've grown to adore. You've got awesome taste in music, my friend. :)

  6. Brandon, me too. Thanks for stopping by!

    Thanks, Michael. My tastes in music are a fluctuating thing for sure.