Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 10th - I

I'm sorry for the late post! Extremely busy day!


Illusion of Gaia (1994 Quintet, Enix, Nintendo) - This was one of my favorite game and I recently played through it again.  Very edgy themes for a Super Nintendo game (death, cannibalism, reincarnation, child slavery, and so on) and yet one of the brighter and more colorful games for the console.  It is known, not widely, as the sequel to Soul Blazer (another favorite) and as the prequel to Terranigma (which I only recently discovered).  I own the soundtrack.  It's not one of my favorites.  I'd probably give it about a 6.5/10.  Each town and area you visit in this game is based on some real event in history though is depicted in an alternate history / fantasy setting.

 This was tough for me... I couldn't think of many influential "I" bands.

Incubus - I'm mentioning them, and I appreciate their talent, and my band covers some of their songs... but I don't like their singer and I don't especially like their style.  For some of you this is sacrilege, but know that I'm not hating on Incubus fans, they just aren't for me.  But when I play their songs on stage I act like I love them. :)

Special Mentions: Iron Maiden, INXS


  1. Well, that's an excellent tactic. Play as if you love them and their fans will be your fans, hahaha.

    1. Too true, Father Dragon!
      My drummer and guitarist love Incubus as it turns out (which is why we play the songs).
      I learned long ago that if you act bored on stage, everyone watching will grow equally bored. I bet that can transfer to writing...

  2. Replies
    1. I'm not against all their tunes! ... But as a whole, they just never grabbed me like they do some people.