Tuesday, March 19, 2013

News and nervousness!

There's the stamp!  I'm doing the challenge! 
As I have mentioned, I've chosen the theme of Turesia Split for my A to Z challenge (and no, I'm not done with the first draft.  Not even close).
That theme might possibly grow to expand all of Silexare if I find myself running low on content!
But honestly, I don't think I'll run low on content and here's why:
This is not my first novel.  It's my second.  In my first, I wrote (basically) things I know, people I know, and situations I have known or been a part of (aside from the murders and monsters).

In my second, I've become bold.  I'm throwing EVERYTHING I've ever thought was cool into this novel.  The challenge of this book is growing exponentially with every new word I type.  It consider it akin to packing together a ball of snow and letting it roll down a hill, growing larger and larger... only backwards.
I've packed together a ball of snow and I'm behind it, trying to roll it up a mountain while it grows larger and larger, heavier and heavier.  Will I slip and be crushed?  Time will tell.

I say that to say this: I don't think I'll be running out of things to blog about during April.
(And yet I'm still nervous!)

Next item on the veranda!

A fellow author and fellow QTer, Cheryl Koevoet has graciously offered me the chance to read (sans purchase!) her novel, The Carnelian Legacy  and review it right here on my humble blog!

In other words: Soon, on this very blog, expect a post dedicated solely to this book! 

If you're a fan of fantastic settings (check!), huge castles (check!), dangerous monstrosities and the slaying of said monstrosities (check! check!) and heart warming romance (*cricket*... OK, it's growing on me) then you don't want to miss this book!

See you soon

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