Wednesday, August 22, 2012

derailed (in a bad way)

I sat down tonight to post of a sunny and bright and exciting time that Jax and I had in the wide open forest Sunday afternoon.  I photoshopped dozens of pictures and picked out the very best to post for your viewing pleasure.  Then I clicked over to FB to have a quick glance at what's going on.  (but it's never quick is it?)  Nothing looked exciting.  Only 30 seconds wasted on FB!
Then I see it.
A post from my friend Brandon.  I skimmed it.  Didn't even read it correctly.  It said (in my head):

"Just spent two hours of my life reading about Ted the caver.  So worth it."

Brandon doesn't read.  This must have been intriguing.  Plus, something that took him two hours to read would surely take me far less. (since I'm such an avid reader of ... things)

Let's google Ted the caver.  This will only take a second.

First result, "Ted the Caver | Know your meme"
I don't know what the word meme means but I don't like the sound of it.  Next.

Second result, "Ted's caving page, with the story of his discovery in a local cave"

I'm intrigued.  Click.  Great... It's one of those pitch black backgrounds with oddly colored text that gives you a headache to read.  :)
I'm not reading all this... Oh well.
I could just copy it to a word doc.  Ok.  I'll do that...


It's two hours later and I doubt I'll be sleeping tonight.

So besides misreading his post (Spent two hours of my life reading a scary story called "Ted the Caver."  So worth it..)  I also misjudged my ability to read more fastlier and have gotten nothing accomplished.  I hope you're happy, Brandon.  >:(

For those of you who are into creepy stories, you can't pass this up.  I didn't want my feet in the dark under the desk while I was reading it.

Next time:  Refresh Button #2


  1. I gave it a read after reading this blog entry, good stuff! I love how the first half of it is completely real, with the supplementary photos and everything. By the time you get to the fictional part, you still feel like its a real caving journal.

    1. That's how I felt too.. The photos were what did it... By the time it got to [SPOILER ALERT] him seeing the guy at the end of his hall, I got chills.