Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blue Heron Inn, Darien Ga

My band had a show scheduled on the 25th in Savannah Ga.  It's a few hours from where we live so we were going to drive and stay the night at my friend's house in St. Simons, Ga and maybe hit the beach or downtown Savannah while we were there.
Things happened and the show was cancelled but since we already had arrangements, we decided to still make the trip.  I was able to drive down with Bray and Simon early Friday but the others weren't going to make it until late that night... probably around midnight.  So instead of trying to occupy a 400 day old little boy until way past his bedtime, we chose to get a room for the night and just meet up with our friends in the morning.
As is sometimes the case (less often now than I'd like), we were shooting from the hip as far as finding a place to stay.  About an hour and a half before we arrived at St Simons, Bray remembered a friend from elementary school whose mother owns a bed and breakfast in the area.
We gave them a call and they told us they had one room available, come on down!

I plugged the address into the geepers and (as is always the case) it began leading us down smaller and tighter roads than we had expected.  We were in a town called Darien (never heard of it? me either) that is located about 10 miles north of Jekyll, 25 miles south of Savannah.

When the road became sand instead of pavement, we started wondering what we'd gotten ourselves into.

 View of road
Here's the swamp off the right side of the road

By this time we were growing concerned about being eaten by crocodiles or alligators or pythons but suddenly we emerged from the forest and the Inn came into view.
View of front of Blue Heron Inn (the lighting is bad in this shot, I apologize)

One of the first things that struck me is that the cars parked outside were all from different states.  Bill and Jan greeted us at the door and welcomed us in.  Although Jan knew Bray already, I don't think we would have gotten any less of a warm greeting if we had been anyone else.  They were infinitely accommodating.

The Inn is located right on the edge of a salt marsh.  Obviously I had to wander around and take pictures while I was there.
View from back porch.  In the distance is St Simons (small cluster of trees on the horizon).  By night you can see a light house there.
View of back porch.
One of three docks behind the main house. Complete with lounging cat.

 Another dock.  From here there were two young boys crabbing in the marsh when we arrived.  Fiddler crabs are literally everywhere back there.  I guarantee these cats don't go hungry.
Third dock.  I must say that if I had the luxury, I would be one of those writers who goes away from everything and just writes... No distractions.  This place would be ideal.
There were two other cottages besides the main house.  I think they're mainly for larger parties.

We got settled in our room (Savannah is what room we stayed in) and Jan suggested a good local restaurant called Skippers (if memory serves).  It is a bar and grill located right on the Sapelo Sound (basically a salt river that opens into the Atlantic).
 Shrimping boats outside the restaurant.

Simon decided to run full speed and dive onto the wooden dock while we were there.  For the rest of our trip (and still) he has a cut on his nose.
 Here's Simon and Bray.  I don't think either of us realized he was holding that piece of plastic until he threw it down into the water.
 We tried to explain why not to litter but needless to say, Simon found this hilarious.

That night, Bray and I sat up with Jan and Bill in the great room talking about all the different kind of people that come to visit the Inn.  Again, I don't think they would have treated total strangers any differently.  As it turns out, there was a plant outside with a flower that blooms literally once a year, for a single night... And it was blooming THAT night!

It opens for only a couple of hours.  It happens so quickly you could actually see the plant shaking with the motion of the flower opening.

By morning it had died.

The next morning Bray and I came downstairs to a breakfast of fresh coffee, cantaloupe, bacon, eggs and sweet potato pancakes with maple syrup.  Those were the best pancakes I've ever eaten in my life.  I'm sorry I didn't take a picture for you.  They didn't last long enough.
Simon had milk.

I'm enclosing a link to this Bed and Breakfast.  And not just because I promised Jan I would.  This was a magical place and I strongly recommend anyone who will be in the area to go out of your way to stay here!
I only have two regrets...  First, we only stayed a night and left early the next morning.
I merely signed the guest book, thereby failing at my self-issued challenge.  In my defense, I spent my single night at the inn in good company and the morning taking pictures for you to enjoy... If I had stayed longer, I would have fashioned a short story of epic proportions.   I believe any writer would have no trouble being inspired in a place like this.

Here's a link.
Blue Heron Inn
Tell them I said hey and I'll be back soon!


  1. I love love love finding places like this. I would love to travel, and write, and eat my way around the world...staying in these places. Nice find! I hope you can go back some day for a longer stay.

  2. Nice place. If the kids like somewhere the parents like it more.

    1. Indeed tru. Kayaking is available on the marsh and I would have been totally down for that if the tide hadn't been out and we had more time. Bill assured us that the alligators are more afraid of us than we are them!

  3. Wow!! Amazing pictures--I can't believe you saw the flower bloom. What a beautiful inn. I could see myself enjoying a nice, long weekend there. :)

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    1. I love that I've allowed for anonymous posts and I get to see the ridiculous phishing attempts of bots like you.
      But, I hate that no one responsible for writing the code that sent you to me in the first place will ever see my responses.

      Oh well. 6 of one...