Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WRiTE CLUB 2012! (a contest)

Kind of stoked about this:


I'm new to writing contests but I'm about to give this one a try.  After all, I have a few story ideas so why not take a break from editing?

To my understanding, interested parties will submit a story of no greater than 500 words (this is less than a page for you laymans / laywomans).  Then DL Hammons will pick two at random to square off anonymously and be judged by readers and the winner will move to the ... Just click the link and read what he says about it!

Upside:  Winner gets uber-exposure and no gold coins.
Downside:  Not every submission will even see the light of day...

I want to write a story about a [I must remove this text as it breaks a rule of WRiTE CLUB!!!! I'm sorry!]

First rule of write club...