Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Composing (De Composing for you urbanites)

I make songs... all instrumental but songs nonetheless.

I make them on my computer with programming software.

I have been known to charge money for interested buyers.

Is this by definition composing?  Writing?  Making?  I'm not one to judge.  But this is a hobby of mine which occasionally borders on a 'dream'... to be a soundtrack producer.  For vid games or shows or movies or commercials.

The problem is, I care about each song I write and if I don't it comes out flat and unemotional.  To write songs, I need to be inspired, where-as to write words, I just need to sit down and do it.

Inspiration is a fleeting thing and for me, it comes at the most unexpected times.  If I'm struggling to finish a  song and nothing is forth coming, I am a wreck.  Don't look at me funny or I might kill you where you sit / stand.  When I finally come up with a breakthrough it may bring tears to my eyes.  Then I listen to the song over and over on every medium (phone speakers, office speakers w sub, truck, car, headphones, earbuds) and determine what levels could be changed, etc.

My point is, it is a stressful thing!! To make music on a deadline or for a project!
I don't know if that's how I want to grow old and ripe; swinging from one stress-vine to the next!

Writing is different.  If I get stuck, I don't get violent tendencies, I get out of the house and into the woods.  Alone preferably (or at least with Jax).  Eventually I have a breakthrough.  Then it is equally satisfying and in the writing process, it too can bring tears to my eyes. (now you know I'm a big wuss) 

Music for me comes from emotion.  Or it fails.  Emotion you can't force.

Stories come from my imagination.  
I haven't yet been in a position where I had to write on a deadline but now that I think about it, I imagine it is quite stressful as well.

This blog doesn't necessarily have a point... But it has been some what therapeutic for me.


Your welcome.

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  1. I've always written on a deadline that I gave to myself. It's enough stress to keep me from twaddling my days away on Facebook, but loose enough that I'm not bleeding out my eyeballs with stress.

    1. Having a deadline (even self prescribed) sounds like a good idea... So as not to lose momentum.
      I finished the first draft of my first manuscript a few weeks ago. I'm now writing the second draft (I didn't realize I was going to be doing this until I got some constructive criticism). I actually DO have a tentative deadline... I'm going to DragonCon at the end of August. By then I want the book ALMOST presentable because I will be stalking all the published authors, agents, editors and publishers!! So far it is not too stressful but we'll see as the deadline approaches.

  2. Aloha David,

    Thanks for the follow, and am doing the same.

    Sounds like music is your first passion, but good luck with both the music and the trip to the conference in August.

    1. Aloha Mark!

      Now that you mention it, I don't know which I would consider to be my first passion... I've been drawing maps and trying to make new languages since I first held a copy of The Silmarillion when I was 12 or so but I started trying to write sheet music about the same time...