Saturday, July 21, 2012


A Redemptive Quality About Zombie:*


Zombie wants to eat you.  If you make noise or show yourself or in any other way make your presence known to Zombie, he/she will come after you.
Zombie will not turn and say, "Hey guys, look what I found, come with me!" 
Zombie will not wait and see if his/her friends are into it. 
Zombie will not say to him/herself, "Well, everyone else is just standing around... I might look stupid if I start doing something else."
If you see Zombie walking around in a group, don't be misled!  He's not there to show off his latest outfit or sweetest moves.  
Zombie wants to eat you.  
It just so happens his accomplices have similar goals.

Maybe we should all learn a lesson here.  To you dependents, I'm not saying be disobedient.  You don't know when you might need help...  and chances are it's far more often than you realize! 
To those of you with dependents, I'm not saying be negligent.  Don't act like it's just you.  People need you... and not just your money.
I'm saying if you have a goal, and you want it, don't worry about whether or not it's trendy or your friends do it or if it's what is expected of you.  
Go after it! 
Don't waste your time doing things that everyone around you does if it's not something you want for yourself or your life.  Someday, it might be entirely up to you to get what you want and need in this life!
You better start learning how!

*entire subject matter of this and any related post is hypothetical and therefore validity of statements herein has never been proven in a scientific or any other manner.  If you attempt to argue with me on this or any related topic, you are acting outside the bounds of logic and may be ignored.


  1. hi, thanks for your comment on my blog and following me. I'm now following you. Zombies make me CRAZY scared.!

  2. Hi David,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and following me. You have some interesting posts on your blog. It should be fun following you.

  3. Zombie as mentor, who'd have thought... I would think the dependent/supportive roles we play, let alone other connections, are what separate us from zombies. What makes a zombie absolutely curious is what makes him so frightening. Or her, to be fair.

  4. so we should all take a big bite of life like the zombies :)

  5. Hello - thanks for the follow :)
    What a great post - headed off on a very different direction than I thought - thanks for the surprise! Just the lesson I'm trying to learn right about now

  6. @Em, to my knowledge, you have nothing to fear from zombies... at least for the time being ;)

    @Donna, I aim to please! Thx for the follow!

    @Samurai, I totally agree. And for the sake of this post (and others like it if they follow!) I probably won't address much of why Zombie is a bad guy (or gal)... I mean hasn't he/she gotten enough ad publicity? :)

    @Dezmond, THAT's what I'm talking about!

    @Laura, I'm so glad you found use in it! I have to admit (as if it isn't obvious) that I have a soft spot for zombies. I want to talk about them but not just say stuff that's already been said!

  7. Well-rounded and well-written! I don't normally read anything about zombies, but this was worth the read.

    1. Thanks, Crack You!
      I like to look at things from a different angle.

  8. Zombies aren't bad, they're just misunderstood. Plus they are great role models, as you have demonstrated.

  9. Zombie self help mentor - cool!

  10. LOL, it seems we can learn from everyone, yes? (What?--this isn't scientifically proven??) Nice to meet you and your blog. :)

  11. @ Elizabeth, Jenny and Carol, I try to look past the bad in folks (zombie in this case)... No matter how glaringly obvious it might be :)

    ...and no, not yet scientifically proven. But when it is, I may revoke this and any future, related posts!

  12. who knew zombies had such lessons for the living.

  13. What a great analogy. You nailed the zombie mindset, sir. :)