Monday, March 5, 2012

The refresh button

Yesterday I went deep into the woods surrounding the Broad River in northeast Georgia.  I took my son Donavon, my brother Evan and my dog Jax.  We hiked and explored, built shelters and fires and ate hotdogs and ramen noodles.
We rarely follow paths... not man made paths anyway.  Usually I aspire to find the most dense and unaltered forests (which is tricky in this area) and just get lost.  Despite that it was cold and windy, Jax took every opportunity he could to jump in the swollen river and bite at passing sticks and leaves.
I need these escapes occasionally... not just to break the monotony of daily routine but to ignite creativity.  There's no limit to the inspiration that comes from nature.
I strongly suggest this to anyone seeking to unwind... given that you aren't afraid of getting lost or getting scratched by briars or getting bitten by ticks or tumbling down hills or dirtying up your clothes.

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